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● Enhance stroke skills and arm strength
● Unique shape improves water feel and relieves shoulder pressure
●  Perfect for swimmers of all levels

Train hard, train smart with the Catalyst 2 Training Paddles. Perfect for swimmers of all levels, the LVC2 hand paddle helps improve stroke technique while building arm strength. Its unique shape improves water feel and distributes pressure evenly for reduced shoulder stress.

This training paddle is constructed with polypropylene, making it extremely durable, lightweight and flexible. Featuring a new and improved design for even more strap configurations and greater comfort, these swim paddles will take your training to the next level!

A proper stroke with the Catalyst Contour Paddle guides the arm straight back through the water with minimal resistance, building muscle memory for proper alignment.

In contrast, an improper stroke will be exaggerated and the arm will be thrown off course.

Showcasing Polypropylene construction and multiple lacing options, the Catalyst 2 Paddles offer the perfect balance between impact resistance, flexibility and fit

Orange PaddleXXS
Green PaddleXS
Yellow PaddleS
Red PaddleM
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橙色=XXS, 綠色=XS, 黃色=S, 紅色=M, 藍色=L


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