Hello, in order to prevent customers from not finding order information, TYR HONG KONG does not support visitor shopping, you can register directly by email, Facebook or Google.

You can cancel an order with the status of "Submitted and Unpaid" created by you at any time; if the order has been paid or needs to be cancelled when it is ready to be shipped, please contact our customer service staff.

If the order has been submitted, you can contact the customer service staff of the TYR Hong Kong official online store to make changes for you. In order to avoid misunderstanding, please contact us by the phone or email you placed the order.

Please log in as a member of TYR STORE HONG KONG Hong Kong official online store to check the status of the order. If the goods are dispatched, there will be a tracking number.

After the order is successfully placed, the system will send it out within 7 working days according to the delivery address and payment time you filled in, and it is expected to be delivered within 1-2 working days. The delivery time is subject to the announcement on the express official website.

The normal delivery time of SF Express is 19:00 on the same day. If there are special circumstances, you can call SF Express to make an appointment, and it can be delivered by 21:00 at the latest. SF Express Service Hotline: (852) 2730 0273

Please rest assured that your privacy will be well protected, we will not sell your private information or use it for purposes unrelated to TYR HONG KONG.

After the product you ordered is delivered to your designated convenience store or SF store, we will keep your product for 3 days and send you a "Pickup Reminder" SMS during this period. If you have not picked up the product on the 3rd day, the order will be temporarily stored in the SF store and will contact you by phone to arrange for another delivery; if the delivery is not successful by the 5th day, the order will be automatically cancelled and the product will be returned . If you have already paid, your money will be credited back to your account. If you still want to buy this product, please reorder.

After receiving the package, if you find that the product does not match the content of the order, you can reject it on the spot, or contact our customer service staff to deal with it after signing for it.