的關服務根據以下使用條款和服務條款,以及我們網站上發佈的任何其他規則 (統稱「本條款」)為您提供。

Throughout the site, "we" means

Please read the terms of use carefully before placing any order on this website. If you use this website/or application, you have agreed to be bound by the terms of use.

If you are under the age of eighteen, you must let your parents or guardians understand our terms of use, terms of service and the "Privacy Policy Statement" published on this website before registering or using any service on this website ("the statement" ).

We reserve the right to change the terms of use from time to time without notice. Your continued use of this website after such changes will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use at any time, please do not use this website.


The currency on this website is Hong Kong dollars, and the price is subject to the order shown at the time.

1. Order Products:

Customers ordering in this online store must clearly and accurately provide the following items:

  1.   Correct product information (included SKU, color, size)
  2.   Provide recipient name, address, mobile phone number, email address.
  3.   If you need to pick up service from SF Express, please provide E-locker number of the pick up point. (Please refer to this link for details)

當成功訂貨後,將等同表示同意及了解本網頁的所有條款及細則。而支付總額會顯示於訂單詳情,並在您按下”提交”前出現以供確認,我們接受以 「轉數快」支付有關款項。

During the checkout process, you will need to fill in all mandatory payment information. Please note that in accordance with our privacy policy, we will collect and store your information in an encrypted secure payment system. The details will be fully encrypted and only used to process transactions confirmed by you. All credit card payments also require the authorization of the credit card issuer to be used, and your credit card will only be deducted after the order is prepared. This website will not bear any responsibility for the failure of the relevant bank or third-party trader to process the credit card transaction channel.

2. 訂立合同

When you send the order, you are deemed to have agreed and understood all the terms and conditions of this website, and confirmed that all the information of the order is correct. At the same time, make sure that you have agreed to enter into a "one-off sales contract" (hereinafter referred to as "contract" or "order") with us.

We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your payment for the order and before preparing for delivery, which will list the details of the goods you ordered from us, the delivery service details and all the costs involved in the contract. (Please note that after this email is sent, all information on the order except the recipient address cannot be changed)



  1. 如未滿十八歲人士,在註冊或使用本網站任何服務之前,必須讓您父母或法定監護人了解我們的使用條款,如未得到法定代表人的同意,是次合同將可能會取消。
  2. 未滿十八歲人士購買《青少年保護法》禁止的商品和服務(例如煙草和酒精)
  3. 訂單申請中存在虛假、遺漏或誤導性信息。
  4. 因任何非本網站所能控制之因素而影響訂購


3. 寄出貨品:






  1. 因顧客額外要求面而導致的任何損失
  2. Please note that all shipping risks (including delay, damage, loss or accidental theft of the goods caused by courier) must be borne by the buyer, and we are not responsible for it.
  3. 如你選擇的地址與實際配送地址不同,導致配送受到影響且產品遭退回,則這種情況下需由顧客自行承擔運費,而你所購買的訂單也不會退款。我們將會與你聯絡及安排再次出貨。

請於購物/收貨當日開始計算日起的七天內,立即聯絡我們 (客戶服服中心) 並提出要求更換, 經確認後 Please bring the original receipt and come to Aquatech (Hong Kong) Ltd. for the exchange goods. According to different circumstances, we reserve the right to decide whether to "replace goods" or "repurchase other products". This may involve additional payment/freight charges. 除特別情況*下,本網頁需本上不接受所有退款申請,我們將保留一切實行退款與否的最終決定權如退款情況下,我們只提供貨品本身已支付的價格。不包括訂單當中的運費。*換貨時請保留所有包裝物料,包括原裝包裝、包裝箱、包裝袋、單據及相關禮品,否則本公司有權不予退換。**七天後本公司所有產品均不設退貨退款服務* When returning the goods, our staff will check all the conditions of the goods to be replaced: including packaging materials (original packaging/box/bag), all documents (delivery notes/receipts) and related gifts (if any). The goods under the following conditions will not be returned or exchanged:
1. 已開封、使用或因個人原因而造成任何損壞的商品
2. 疏忽、遺失或不適當處理貨品或配件
3. 曾被擅自改動或修理
4. 若顧客未能於七天內退回貨品,本公司將保留取消更換貨品的權利。
5. 一張訂單只可進行一次換貨。
6. 產品規格因人手量度關係, 產品尺寸會存在正負2-3CM負差, 此誤差不造成質量原因
7. 網站圖片因拍攝原因, 會跟實物有所出入, 此出入不造成質量原因
8. 影響二次銷售
9. 基於衛生及安全理由商品,我們保留所有最終決定處理權(例如:耳塞、鼻夾、呼吸管及其咬嘴、泳帽,貼身衣物(包括泳衣及泳褲)等)。

5. 特別情況下可退款安排 只適用於在貨品發生下列情況,

  • 缺貨
  • 金額錯誤
  • 技術出錯