(hereinafter referred to as "us", "our website", "our website", "TYRHK" or "this website") 

The related services are provided to you in accordance with the following terms of use and terms of service, as well as any other rules published on our website (collectively referred to as the "Terms").

Throughout the site, "we" means

Please read the terms of use carefully before placing any order on this website. If you use this website/or application, you have agreed to be bound by the terms of use.

If you are under the age of eighteen, you must let your parents or guardians understand our terms of use, terms of service and the "Privacy Policy Statement" published on this website before registering or using any service on this website ("the statement" ).

We reserve the right to change the terms of use from time to time without notice. Your continued use of this website after such changes will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use at any time, please do not use this website.


The currency on this website is Hong Kong dollars, and the price is subject to the order shown at the time.

1. Order Products:

Customers ordering in this online store must clearly and accurately provide the following items:

  1.   Correct product information (included SKU, color, size)
  2.   Provide recipient name, address, mobile phone number, email address.
  3.   If you need to pick up service from SF Express, please provide E-locker number of the pick up point. (Please refer to this link for details)

After successfully ordering, it will be equivalent to agreeing and understanding all the terms and conditions of this website. The total amount of payment will be displayed in the order details and will appear for confirmation before you press "Submit". We accept "VISA CARD, MASTER CARD, UnionPay Card, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY, ALYPAY, WeChat Pay, Octopus, Transfer "Quick Speed" to pay the relevant amount.

During the checkout process, you will need to fill in all mandatory payment information. Please note that in accordance with our privacy policy, we will collect and store your information in an encrypted secure payment system. The details will be fully encrypted and only used to process transactions confirmed by you. All credit card payments also require the authorization of the credit card issuer to be used, and your credit card will only be deducted after the order is prepared. This website will not bear any responsibility for the failure of the relevant bank or third-party trader to process the credit card transaction channel.

2. Conclusion of the contract

When you send the order, you are deemed to have agreed and understood all the terms and conditions of this website, and confirmed that all the information of the order is correct. At the same time, make sure that you have agreed to enter into a "one-off sales contract" (hereinafter referred to as "contract" or "order") with us.

We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your payment for the order and before preparing for delivery, which will list the details of the goods you ordered from us, the delivery service details and all the costs involved in the contract. (Please note that after this email is sent, all information on the order except the recipient address cannot be changed)

At this time, it means that we have accepted your order and at the same time the contract between you and us has been established. The contract only relates to the products that we have confirmed to send, and we have no obligation and reason to provide any products/gifts/discounts that are not in the contract.
The binding force of the contract will be established after we confirm the payment of the order, and will end within seven days after the receipt of the goods.

*This website will provide services based on the information provided by the customer. If the following situations occur, we have the right to cancel the contract and the order involved.

  1. If you are under the age of 18, you must let your parents or legal guardian understand our terms of use before registering or using any service on this website. If you do not get the consent of your legal representative, the contract may be cancelled.
  2. People under the age of 18 purchase goods and services prohibited by the Youth Protection Act (e.g. tobacco and alcohol)
  3. There is false, omission or misleading information in the order application.
  4. The order is affected by any factors beyond the control of this website

In the above 1-4 situations, the contract and the related orders are cancelled, and the company will not be responsible for any losses caused to you.

3. Shipment:

When we have completed the delivery arrangement of your order, we will send you a confirmation email, listing the details of the products you ordered from us and the delivery service details and all the costs involved in the contract, as well as the delivery of the order. Part number for tracking.

*(Please note that all order information cannot be modified after this email is sent)*

This website retains the ownership of the goods until the goods are delivered to the customer, and when the shipment tracking of SF Express/By the way smart cabinet indicates that it has been delivered/delivered has been completed, there will be a seven-day quality replacement guarantee period from the same day. And this service will end on the eighth day (for details, please refer to the return rules).


The company will not be responsible for any losses caused to you in the following situations.

  1. Any loss caused by the customer's additional request
  2. Please note that all shipping risks (including delay, damage, loss or accidental theft of the goods caused by courier) must be borne by the buyer, and we are not responsible for it.
  3. If the address you choose is different from the actual delivery address, the delivery will be affected and the product will be returned. In this case, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost, and the order you purchased will not be refunded. We will contact you and arrange to ship again.

Customers will receive a shopping receipt for record when receiving the goods.4Commodity return service details
All purchases on this website can enjoy a seven-day quality replacement guarantee, but the following terms and conditions must be complied with and abided by:
Please contact us immediately (Customer Service Center) And requested replacement, After confirmation Please bring the original receipt and come to Aquatech (Hong Kong) Ltd. for the exchange goods. According to different circumstances, we reserve the right to decide whether to "replace goods" or "repurchase other products". This may involve additional payment/freight charges. Except under special circumstances*, this webpage does not accept all refund applications. We reserve the right to make the final decision on whether to implement a refund or not.In the case of a refund, we only provide the price paid for the product itself. Does not include the shipping cost in the order.*Please keep all packaging materials, including original packaging, boxes, bags, receipts and related gifts when you exchange goods, otherwise the company reserves the right not to return or exchange them. **After seven days, all products of our company will not be provided with return and refund service* When returning the goods, our staff will check all the conditions of the goods to be replaced: including packaging materials (original packaging/box/bag), all documents (delivery notes/receipts) and related gifts (if any). The goods under the following conditions will not be returned or exchanged:
1. Products that have been opened, used, or damaged due to personal reasons
2. Negligence, loss or improper handling of goods or accessories
3. Has been altered or repaired without authorization
4. If the customer fails to return the goods within seven days, the company reserves the right to cancel the replacement of the goods.
5. An order can only be exchanged once.
6. Due to the manual measurement of product specifications, the product size will have a negative difference of plus or minus 2-3CM, and this error will not cause quality reasons
7. The pictures on the website may differ from the real object due to shooting reasons, and this difference does not cause quality reasons
8. Affect secondary sales
9. We reserve the right to make all final decisions on products for health and safety reasons(For example: earplugs, nose clips, breathing tubes and mouthpieces, swimming caps, intimate clothing (including swimming suits and swimming trunks), etc.).

5. Refundable arrangements under special circumstances It only applies to the following situations in the goods,

  • out of stock
  • Wrong amount
  • Technical error

6. Cancellation of Subscription Customers cannot cancel the order after placing the order and paying, but they can negotiate before the order is issued on this website, and the customer needs to pay a handling fee for canceling the order.

In the event that the delivery cannot be made or the contract is not established for some reasons, we will directly send an email to notify you that the contract is not established and will refund or take necessary measures. Normal refund procedures will be completed within 7-14 working days.  

In case of any dispute, the traditional Chinese version of the terms and conditions shall prevail.
The company reserves the right to make the final decision to replace the goods.
In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final interpretation of all terms and conditions on this website and will not be notified individually.