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TYR provides you with swimming caps of different materials and sizes. Common swimming caps include polymer materials such as silicone, rubber, composite, PU, Lycra or spandex. These materials are impermeable, airtight and stretchy enough to fit tightly around the head. Nowadays, because silicone swimming caps are easy to stick to hair and textile materials have greater water resistance and are easy to loosen, hybrid swimming caps with textile materials adhered to the inside of swimming caps have appeared, which are more suitable for most people.

We can also print their own swimming caps for swimming clubs, hotels, and schools. You can see your logo at a glance during the competition, making you more prominent in the competition.

A swimming cap is equipment worn on the head while swimming. The materials are mainly textile materials (such as nylon, elastic yarn) and silicone or rubber materials. Wearing a swimming cap can prevent the long hair from falling into the underwater machine when working underwater, reduce the resistance when swimming, keep the hair relatively dry, and prevent the hair from contacting the chloride ions in the water. It can keep the head warm.